First I would like to give thanks to God for my life, and the two people he place me with that helped me with my gift of music. Leroy Booker and Lillian Smith my mom and dad. My dad was from Rolling Fork Mississippi, and my mom is from Sunflower Mssissippi., where some of the greatest  Blues player cam from. When my mom took me from Mississippi at the age of 12 years old , for years I longed to go back to a place and time that was simpler. This Cd is about my life story in the blues and my Spiritual grow. "Blues Of My Soul" is my background in Mississippi and my early years in South Florida, "That's My Man" "Lost Love" this is when I thought I was in love , and my time spent singing with a big band in New York City; I wrote these songs when I was about 25 years old. 'Turning Me On" " ,No Good Ugly Man," and "Freakish Blues" is all about just having some good loving. "Never Make Again" and "Where to Now," is about when it was over and time to get the hell out." Lied to Me", "Hurt Me So Bad" and "Through With You", is all about being deceived,, dogged out, used and abused in every way. Shuffling, is about giving it all up going back to a simple time and a simple place leaving the hurt and pain and just go fishing.


Is when I found out that it is all about God and why I am here. Life is a school all I have bean through made me who I am today I am a "Power House For God" because God is in me. "Love Song to God" is not about a man out there but the God in me." God Got My Back" no matter what, I take time and" Be Still and Know" God is with me. I " Show God Spirit" to everyone I meet.

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