Over Troubled Water

By Robin Foster Queen Sheba

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Sheba, the Mississippi Queen of Blues. I met

Sheba through my friend and colleague, Antoinette Harrell. We recently introduced Sheba on About

Peonage. See Mississippi Blues Queen and Her Escape From the Delta. Her mother was a sharecropper in

Sunflower, Mississippi, and Sheba grew up in poverty under very harsh conditions. In 1965, her mother

left her children in Mississippi because she got tired of working all year for the "boss man" and owing him

at the end of the year. After nine months, Sheba's mother came back and moved her children to Florida,

"another devil's den," according to Sheba.

Stay tuned to About Peonage as her story unfolds, but I am pleased to announce that last night Sheba

called me to find out how she could contribute to this blog. I was quite surprised to find out that she had

been following all the recent posts. She will be revealing specific destructive patterns we developed during

slavery and the oppression of the Jim Crow area. Many of her insights will have to do with relationships

and why it is we as a people have such great difficulty bonding. I look forward to learning from Sheba. She

is a very wise and courageous woman who says it is time for her to give back. Please visit CD Baby and

check out "Butter on My Roll," and you will see why we call her the Queen. Her music tells her story. To

me, Sheba has become a sister, a living piece of my own Mississippi ancestors caught in the same

struggles common to many African Americans in the Delta generations after slavery ended. Read more:

Introducing Sheba, Queen of the Mississippi Blues | Over Troubled Water

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