Sunflower Soul


  Sheba and The Rhythm Kings went all over, from the Florida Keys ,all the way back to Mississippi where she did a live radio performance singing Billie Holiday's famous song Strange Fruit. Shortly after Sheba produced the Miss Good -n-Plenty CD, it receives some airtime on DMX BLUES STATION. There has always been growth in pain for her after five successful years it was the end of Sheba and The Rhythm Kings. Sheba survived it picked up her tracks and started doing a singles at parties, clubs, and hotels.

  After the breakup with The Rhythm Kings she tried other bands, True Blue Band, where she pickup some new songs that on her new CD.  Sheba has taken control of her life, and music and doing her own things, she is in charge, and it showed in her new CD, Butter on My Rolls.

  Some fascinated fan once told her you must sing and keep on singing so that people can see the living miracle of god in your voice.

I have paid the price to sing the blues.

Sunflower soul.

  Weinberg Bob (City Link Music) “Sheba, also known as, Sheba the Mississippi Queen, and her band  The Soul Kings are a double barrel of musical entertainment. The band takes the stage with years of musical experience. They get the crowd ready for some fun and dancing. When Sheba takes the stage, she commands and wins the hearts of men and women alike.

When you hear Sheba’s voice, you hear the influences of Billy Holiday, Etta James, Tina Turner, Aretha, and Big Mama Thornton. She can go from Good Morning Heartache to Tell Mama, Proud Mary, Respect or a little Hound Dog.

The music off her CD, “Butter on My Rolls,” takes you back to the times of sawdust on the floor, where you bump and grind all night long. Drawing from her life experience from hurt and pain, she wrote all the songs on the CD. If you like it fast and hot she will hit you with Dance Jump and Shout, Hey Girlfriend, or Ms Good-n-Plenty. If you like it nice and slow, she can do some Good Good Loving and Big Man. When the night is over, you will know that you have been entertained by one of the best that Florida and Mississippi has to offer.”

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